Banking Details

Please use the banking details below for payment. 
4x4Community Radio Licenses
First National Bank
Newton Park
Branch Code 261050
Account Number 62289786075
Reference: Your ID or Order Number
Amount: R225.00
Call Signs
Several users have asked what their call signs are, well the easy answer is your name. We have decided not to implement call signs for licenses as it will realistically not be used in the field.

Cancellation of license?

How do I cancel my license? You never need to cancel your license, if you no longer require it just do do not pay when the renewal comes up the next year.
Do I have to program my radio with the recommended channels? No, you can request your dealer to program as you wish. The channel list provided is only the recommended configuration.
Radio Dealers?
Where can you buy a radio or have it programmed? Look here.
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Apply now! Apply now!

Click here to apply for your license.

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If you need help or have any questions please start a thread within the radio section of the 4x4community forum.

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Radio Dealers Radio Dealers

Radio Dealers

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Radio Programming Radio Programming

Recommended programming