4x4 Channels

We recommend the following configuration for your radio. (This is of course only the recommended config, and you may program it differently should your requirements be different.)

Please ask your dealer to visit this page:

Channel Frequency Tone
Channel 01 161.1500 131.8
Channel 02 160.4500 131.8
Channel 03 161.1500 118.8
Channel 04 160.4500 118.8
Channel 05 152.6625 131.8
Channel 06 152.6625 118.8
Channel 07 152.6625 None
Channel 08 161.1500 None
Channel 09 160.4500 None


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If you need help or have any questions please start a thread within the radio section of the 4x4community forum.

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Radio Dealers Radio Dealers

Radio Dealers

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Radio Programming Radio Programming

Recommended programming