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These guys just wanne replace replace.... They went through all the wiring from all the sensors and "still" busy testing the turmostat. They going to test the truck at 11:00 and will let me know whats the outcome.

The only thing I really struggle to understand, is that they bend the one pulley when they changed the oil pump, now they say that didn't remove the pulley when they replaced the pump. Well, to get in there you have to remove all those parts. Secondly they don't know what the problem is but when I told them that I fixed the wiring which their mechanic only closed up, now all of a sudden its wiring problems...

Incompetence is an understatement. Only thing I can say is that those guys can be glad they don't work for me.
Sjeesh, thats what I also hated with my previous one, they test and test and test, and finally they replace (without actually knowing whats wrong) but the problem dissapears. I now have a policy that they can replace as they want, but I will only pay for the part that sorted the issue. its then their perogative whether the put the old working equipment back, or leave the new ones.