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    Quote Originally Posted by mfuwefarmer View Post
    See comments in red
    Originally Posted by jthuynsma
    I have not opened the NL box is it fairly easy to bridge out or bypass just the solenoid.Yes, even I managed Can I then still do the input in the Red bradharrison on the box ? as I have fitted my charger with BH connectors. Yes, red to red!

    2nd question, can I then add my 3rd battery using the output BH of the NL box or will that just be daft ? Havent tried, but you will double the charging time with 2x batteries, what is your DC-DC rating?

    To summarise

    I have a cranking battery connected to the BC dc-dc charger under the seat, this i want to tcharge the battery in the NL box(Will not work as stated earlier unless you remove the NL solenoid or connect the DC-DC directly on to the terminals, but then it becomes messy) behind the seat and then I want to put another battery on the being fed from the NL box.

    Any Ideas how I should wire this. Should I start a new thread with all my questions.
    Yes i will modify the NL box to remove the solenoid, then I will have 2x NL solenoids taking up space in the spares box

    I now have 3 Deltec Deepcycle batteries, 1 in very good condition almost brand new and 2 at atleast 70% condition and a BC 1212 -15 Charges output 13.5A. Have cabling from the main battery to under the passenger seat then have cabling extention from under the seat to the back of the bakkie, implemented with proper cable. al cables use Brad Harrison so it works almost like lego as sometimes I want the battery inside and other times I want it on the back.
    If I find the correct way of wiring it without much additional costs I want to add the other 2 batteries on the back so I have plenty of power for the fridge and the Spotlights, I sometimes need to run two 150w spotlights with dimmers for up to 6 hours a night over and above the fridge using power.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eggie View Post
    Poen, that charger is "kicked in" all the time as long as the DC1212 is connected. The fan that you hear only comes on when needed, i.e. when there is sufficient heat build-up in the unit. The fan cools it down and then stops again untill needed again.

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    Thanks Eggie. I am on record having stood at the back of the queue when practicality was handed out. It is always nice to have guys around who knows why things work the way they do!
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