Hi guys

Just something interesting.

Last week I was at a river trip in the Olifants river in Limpopo. The Defender (3.5 V8 with auto box) behaved really well. The surface was VERY sandy with a lot of water crossings. I did 103Km in low range playing, getting stuck and towing broken vehicles in the sand.

The fuel consumption was a little worse than I expected. 1.6km/l or 60l/100Km.

Is this what I could have expected?

Another thing that is interesting is that the Defender normally gives 5.5km/l in town. The round trip was 1250km and I decided to pull the Landy on an A frame with my KZTE Hilux. We towed at between 100 and 110km/h and the Hilux gave me 6.6km/l or 15l/100km. Normal town driving gives me around 8.4km/l or 11.9l/100km. So I saved on fuel by towing the Landy and had the peace of mind that if something happened to the Landy that I could still get home.