4x4 training and joining a club ??

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    Red face 4x4 training and joining a club ??

    Relating to caravanning, my experience was that joinng a club (small) had two major benefits, being firstly making friends and secondly, using their program for the year, I committed myself to go camping, otherwise, with the rush of life and two kids at school with activities, you never get out during the year. Opening your eyes, the year is past!!
    Now, having a Pajero, I wish to get into 4x4 and I am of the opinion that, by joining a club, the same would apply as in the caravanning scenario explained above?? Meeting people of the same interest would be very satisfactory and educational. Also these clubs have training available which I need to do prior to "hitting the veld". I could also attend their ouings where possible.

    Now, my reason for posting this (before the administrator moves it or chuck it out?) is this:

    There are quite a few clubs that one can join and according to their websites, they mostly offer the same benefits (outings, tours etc). One important issue to me is the training provided, which the clubs indeed do. Some even require training before you may venture on outings with them - good thing!!

    I do not wish for other forum members to compare or verbally breakdown clubs, but to give me objective opinions on which club, for me as a novice, to join.

    Personel profile = myself (45), wife (40), kids (11 & 12 yrs) residing in Pretoria. Limited availability on weekends, longer outings only in school holidays only. Not yet specifically interest in axle twisting or real rough stuff (uncertain maybe), but definitely overlanding type 4x4 and reasonable trails.

    Clubs which I have visited on the I-net are:
    - 4x4Offroadclub
    - 4x4ATVclub
    - Four Wheel Drive Club of SA

    Finally, are the training courses offered by these clubs sufficient or should one attend, for instance, the Conti 4x4 Academy courses (far more expensive??). It seems that the insurance also acknowledge the club training towards premium reduction.

    Objective comments/advise will be appreciated. Regards

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    Hi ELU

    I would join FWDCSA as they have many different section in the club from rescue to diving to conservation. In my opinion it is a complete club with a bit of everything for everybody.

    When it come to overlanding trips, I maybe speaking out of turn so PLEASE dont bite my head off , You dont have to be a member of some clubs to join them on their trips. eg my cuz went to the migration in sarigetie with the Ford club and he drives an Izuzu.

    Anyway thats my 2c

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    Just my 2c's.

    4x4 training? I personally believe this is vitally important, and something that each and every 4x4 owner should do when they start out! (I thus support NOW fully).

    Clubs. Difficult question, some peoplie like it, some don't. Each to his own.
    From the clubs you mentioned. The SA 4WD club is massive, and very organised.
    The other one, 4x4offroad I think is also very popular, Alan Goodway I think is respected in the 4x4 community, and arranges some fantastic outings. (At least judging from his website.)

    (Come Alan we know you here stop lurking and help this oke! ).

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    i am a member of the fwdcsa in kzn and from my experience they are wel run and organised. They try to arrange 4x4 challenges and eco drives etc and cater for all "tastes" in the 4x4 world. For example a typical weekend away will consist of a scenic bush drive (not too challenging) & a bit of playing in the obstacles for those that wish as well as other activities (fly fishing ets).
    The great thing is that you can go on a few outings before you join up, which allows you to meet a few members and decide if they are your type of people before you join, which I think is very important.

    Just my 2c.

    Cheers Wayne
    Wayne Usher<br>Suzuki Grand Vitara SWB 1.6 Bog Std

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    Hi Wayne,

    Kevin here ... I see you are based in New Germany. I am in Pinetown. I just recently bought my first 4 x 4. I am interested in getting involved with a club. Would you mind passing some of the clubs details on to me. I have been looking for a while.
    Much appretiated,

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