Another fatal TOW BALL accident(repost)

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    Default Another fatal TOW BALL accident(repost)

    This was posted 2 years ago when the accident happened, but I thought it would be a good idea to post it again and make it a sticky along with the thread about another tow ball accident.

    TRAGEDY has again rocked the town of Smithton after a local footballer was killed in a freak accident yesterday.

    Josh Stein, 18, suffered a fatal head injury while four-wheel driving with Irishtown Football Club mates on an end-of-season trip.

    Tragedy struck about 3am when a team member's 4WD got bogged on Sandy Cape Rd, south of Temma on the state's remote West Coast.

    Tasmania Police Sergeant Leanne Walters said several men assembled a towing system in a bid to free the vehicle.

    However, the tow ball and snatch strap came loose.

    The tow ball catapulted, smashing through the back window of the vehicle where Mr Stein was sitting, striking a fatal blow to his head.

    Witnesses described the incident as "particularly horrific". It is not known if alcohol was involved.

    Circular Head mayor Daryl Quilliam said the town was struggling to deal with the death, and was again asking why it had again been struck by tragedy.

    The small town has been shocked by more than a dozen deaths in five years, including the death of four children in a house fire in 2004.

    Four men were killed in a plane crash off the town's coast, also in 2004.

    Five young Smithton women died in a car crash on the way to a basketball tournament in 2005.

    And popular local footballer Daniel Cobbing died in a car crash in 2006.

    "You start to question why these tragedies keep striking us," Cr Quilliam said.

    "You can accept one or two disasters perhaps, but it's difficult to come to terms with, when you consider the number we have suffered in such a short time."

    Irishtown team member Daniel Walsh said several players had gone to a teammate's shack at Temma for a weekend of fishing and four-wheel-driving after their grand-final victory last month.

    Mr Stein, a former Hellyer College student, left his work at Bricks and Timber about 1pm on Friday.

    The incident was reported to the police at 3am but it is not known what time emergency services arrived.

    The quiet area became a frenzy of activity as emergency crews and accident investigators converged on the scene.

    Mr Walsh, 18, said the team was in shock after the death of its star forward.

    "We won the grand final and this trip was supposed to be a good time to celebrate," Mr Walsh said.

    "We're just shocked ... nobody knows what to say ... we can't believe this happened."

    Mr Stein had been unable to play in the grand final because of a leg injury.

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    I remember that article - very sad

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    Been a couple of those. I totally agree about a sticky for bad recovery accidents. They might be horrific, but it teaches a lesson.

    Don't do tow ball recoveries. Just not worth the risk..

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