I read an interesting article about a little debate between MS Windows and Ford. This is what I can remember:

The windows guys stated that should Ford have kept up to date with technology, cars would have been more efficient and cheaper that when they were first built, based on the history of computers.

The Ford guys replied, that if Fords were build by computer guys, the following would most likely have been the outcome:

1. Your car would crash at least twice a day without any logical reason.

2. You may be locked out by your car, and would only be able to access it by rebooting the car - pull on the latch of the drivers door, and at the same time lift the wiper and kick the wheel.

3. You would have to upgrade your engine at least every 6 months.

4. The view through your windscreen would depend on the resolution thereof.

5. Your windows may tend to hang from time to time.

6. all warning lights will be replaced by one warning: "Your car has performed an illegal function. Please reboot your car."

7. If you are involved in an accident, your airbag will promt you with: "A programme is attemting to access your car. Do you wish to continue with this operation?".

Any others you can think of?