I sincerely hope that you can please help us with the following.
We are an advertising agency, (Oscar Tango Marketing in Gardens, Cape Town, ie www.oscartango.co.za) that does some work for General Motors SA and we’re working on a project for their Isuzu division. We are urgently needing some pictures of any Isuzu KB bakkies from 1979 to 1995.
Do you perhaps have access to some good pictures of any Isuzu KB bakkies from 1979 to 1995?
Should we receive pictures, we might decide to retouch them (change the colour or finishes of the vehicles to fit in with our design and layout). The five pictures (of five different vehicles) that we eventually choose to use will need to be of a good resolution and will then be used in an email that will be sent to people whose names are on a database of current Isuzu owners (the database is owned by General Motors SA). (Please note that our budget is very tight, so we can’t promise to be able to pay for use of the pictures until we’ve seen what’s available and have made a decision.)
Will you please let us know on Wednesday 17th whether you can help us?
Thank you
Victor Gordon
[email protected]