Korando 2.9TD rear diff hazard

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    Default Korando 2.9TD rear diff hazard

    A warning to all Korando drivers. I am aware of two cases, both 2005 Korando TDs, +-100 000km, both not very intensive offroaders that experienced this problem.

    If your Korando has a noisy diff, remove the prop, and check the drive pinion lock nut located inside the flange. Mine and a gentleman from Namibia's Korandos both worked their lock nuts loose. In both cases this destroyed the bearing and oil seal, and in my case caused the drive pinion shaft to jam into the gears while coasting. I'm still waiting for a damage report

    A greedy mechanic will most probably say a total rebuild is needed, and that as we know is not very cheap. The fellow from Nam simply retightened everything and he did not even have to replace the bearing and seal. I'm afraid it's going to be a different story for me though.

    If you are part of the UK SsangYong club, see my post and the Namibia gentleman's story for full details.
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    Thanks for the feedback and info.

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    Sorry to hear about the problem. Is your Korando back home in a safe and loving environment?
    Gideon Naudé
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    i've replied to your previous post.
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    Default Re: Korando 2.9TD rear diff hazard

    Hi getack,
    I know it's an old thread but I just wanted to say thanks for your post, it saved me a lot of problems and money. The diff on my Korando started whining last week and after a discussion with my mechanic, the worries about finding parts etc., I found your posts and decided to check the drive pinion lock nut, as you described. I tightened it as much as I could without proper tools, and the whining has disappeared completely, no whining or any noises whatsoever. Now I'll take it to my mechanic to put some Loctite and tighten everything properly. Hopefully, that will be all that is needed.

    Anyway, thanks a lot!

    PS: The size of the socket for the lock nut is 27mm.
    2005 Korando 2.9Tdi

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