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    Default Nam Bot route with X-Trail

    My daughter and her husband has planned a trip through Namibia and Botswana as per the attached itinerary. They will travel in a previous generation X Trail TD man 4X4. Do you think it is wise? I mean will that car be up to it? What special precautions should they take and what special gear?
    The have a compressor (don't know the make) with a capacity of 72l/min and last time we talked my son in law was considering taking some sort of sand track (correct term?) along. His original plan was to take some of those treated poles along, but I think one might damage your vehicle if they should somehow tip upwards when you use them. Any thoughts on this?
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    What I can see from the itinerary it is all doable with an X-Trail, you would not even need special gear for recovery.
    Most of those routes are on tar or wide gravel inclusive the way up to Kaziikini.
    Apart from some dusty corrugated gravel roads there are no obstacles.
    Tell me something: What are the plans to go to Kaziikini?
    Kaziikini is a starting point into Moremi which could be a challenge, but even when staying on the main tracks from South Gate to Xakanaxa it is possible with the X-trail.
    Alternatively, book the game drive with the local tour operator from Kaziikini and leave the X-Trail at the camp.
    The Kgalagadi TFP can be done with the X-Trail as well, just mind corrugation.

    So, all-in-all the trip is okay for this type of vehicle.
    Gear: Compressor, tyre repair kit (and know how to use it).
    Some spare parts like filters, v-belts, spark plugs, etc. will do.
    You are never far from civilization.

    Not sure of the road from Gobabis - Torgos Lodge (location seems pretty close to Nossob) which route?

    Tell them to take enough drinking water and check the range of the car for fuel supply, then they should be fine.
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    Louis if you are worried lend them your cruiser. Seriously when travelling just make sure they have emergency water and an ipod with lost of music on it.

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    You do have a point with the Cruiser, James, but I decided to stop worrying in stead!
    They are already in Botswana by now, right on schedule. Had a spot of bother with, in his words, "one helluva sand obstacle" near Sossusvlei yesterday, but they got out of that with not too much damage, it seemed.
    I believe they have the iPod with music and hopefully the water as well.

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    Louis, please post som feedback and photos of their trip when they return?

    I am planning a very simmilar trip later this year with a X-trial and a Forester and would like to know how their vehicle did. As far as I am concerned, as long as there are no steep uphills the X-trail should be perfect. Fuel consumption taken into acount the X-trail is a very good option for sandy and gravel like in Namibia. My wife's X-trail impressed me a lot last December on the road from Seslebatebe to Katse in Lesotho.
    Keep us posted on their trip!
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    I am also going on a similar trip this time next year...
    There will be some hard core 4x4's to assist but we are going threw:
    2004 Xtrail 2.5 petrol manual

    North gate
    IHAHA (Chobe on the zambesi).. So maybe not quite the same as them...
    Kazuma Lodge
    Khama Rhino Sanctuary

    a bit scared if the pans and deep water crossings...

    So please let us know how they did
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    They had a spot of bother with fairly heavy sand after leaving Sossusvlei and he erroneously - in my view - used 2nd gear instead of 1st and burned the clutch and apparently damaged the (dual mass) flywheel. From there onwards it was fairly plain sailing and they had no further problems with the roads or anything like that.

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