Overlanding - Manual vs Auto

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    Default Overlanding - Manual vs Auto

    I was wondering about this issue - would the guys who do/did more extensive overlanding trips (off the beaten track) prefer manual above auto ?

    A couple of questions:
    - Is Manual more reliable and trustworthy ?
    - Are you more in controll (and have more options) when in a manual when in sticky situations out there than with an auto.
    - If sometthing does go wrong with your transmission is fixing it "bush mechanics" style more doable with a manual as apose to an auto ?
    - Would you be more comfortable to do a serious Overland trip in a Manual or an auto.

    Maybe I'm oldschool but my thinking is that a manual would in these cases be far better than an auto ? (Maybe otherwise for shorter - not so far off, offroading ??) Would really like to know what you think.

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    Personally, I can't think that it makes any difference at all. You might just be more limited in your choice of vehicles if you look for auto........and I'm not sure how many auto Defenders (one of your primary 3 vehicles for long distance overlanding) have ever been made.

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    The USA spec Defenders were auto, with 3.9 EFI engines, 90 and 110. The 50th anniversary special 90 sold in UK was the same spec.

    That's it for production Defenders. Special Vehicles did three Defenders for the Tomb Raider film, they are also 3.9EFI auto.

    There are a lot of converted Defenders around, it has become popular. There are advantages in off road conditions over a manual. I would like to convert my Defender to 3.9 auto too.

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