Moz to Zim? Best Route & a good idea?

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    Default Moz to Zim? Best Route & a good idea?

    What would be the best way to go from Mozambique (not sure yet what town) to Zimbabwe - Bulawayo (driving)? Is it recommendable for two people?
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    Hi MozUnknown,

    Perhaps a bit late for your purposes, but there are two routes I've tried, one as recent as last month - see map here:, Day 3.

    You can either enter Zimbabwe via Espungabera or Mutare. The last bit of road from Dombe to Espungabera is only 103 km long, but it will take you 4 hours. We did not use this route due to the reports of friends of ours living here.

    The Mutare route is better. You will approach Manica - the last town in Mozambique prior to the border post - via the E6, which is the main route from Beira.

    Once you reach Masvingo, just keep on going untill you reach Bulawayo.

    Regarding whether it's safe for two people, I don't know. We were a convoy of three vehicles, which gives one some sense of security. There are many roadblocks between Mutare and Birchenough - diamond area - but after a brief chat, we went through them all unhindered.

    The roads are excellent. Not ONE pothole. Stick to the speed limit, and remember to have a few $1 bills to pay at the toll gates. They will also accept R10, but won't give you change.
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