I need to decide between the following 3 versions of a leg on our trip, so I thought I'd ask everyone's advice.

It's mostly to do with Mozambique, so I posted it here.

On August 7 we will leave Mana Pools after 10 days there (2 in Chiz, 2 in Matusadona, 7 in Mana). Here are the 3 different versions we could do:

Aug 7 drive Mana to Mutare and stay at Musangano Lodge
Aug 8 drive Mutare to Mphingwe near Caia.
Aug 9 drive up to Nampula.
(Aug 10 extra day to use en route or stay over in Mutare an extra night.)
Aug 11 drive to Tandanhangue and get boat to Ibo.
Aug 11 & 12 Cinco Portas on Ibo
Aug 13, 14, 15 Libelula
Aug 16 & 17 Ilha (already have reservations)
Aug 18 Caia
Aug 19 stop just south of Chimoio & overnight somwhere.
Aug 20 we are due at Pomene.


Aug 7 Mana to Harare and overnight.
Aug 8 Harare to Tete or on to Dedza and overnight.
Aug 9 & 10 Chembe Eagles Nest Cape MacClear
Aug 11 Overnight in Marrupa
Aug 12 Pemba
Aug 13 & 14 Ibo
Aug 15 Pemba or Libelula overnight
Aug 16 & 17 Ilha
The rest is the same as above.

The 3rd version is:
Aug 7, 8, 9 & 10 the same as above (Harare, Cape MacClear)
Aug 11 Gurue
Aug 12, 13, 14, 15 Libelula
Aug 16 & 17 Ilha
The rest is the same as above.

Just trying to decide if we want to do Malawi for 2-3 days or just head into Mozambique- but we will have to retrace our route there a bit...

Please let me know what you think.
Thanks so much!!!