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    Default Camping in Kruger

    My family and I are planning another trip to KNP in June 2012. This time however we are going to the the camping thing in Satara and Lower-Sabie.

    Can anyone give me some tips on the best camping spots and whether the monkeys and creepy crawlies are a nuisance, and if so how do you keep them away from your tent?


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    From what we experienced, KNP is actually good in this regard. Only had monkey troubles at Malelane.
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    Ons het in Desember 2010 in die volgende kampe gekamp: Punda Maria, Tsendze, Balule, Satara, Skukuza en Berg en Dal. Het nie by een van die kampe las gehad van ape of bobbejane nie. Hou maar net die kos en goed wat hulle kan lok weggesluit.

    Kampplekke in KNP is first come first serve, sorg maar dat julle vroeg by die kamp is om die goeie spots te kry as mense op pak.

    Moet nie ys koop by die winkels nie - daar is sulke groot groen ysmasjiene by die restaurante - R10 vir 5kg se ys, baie goedkoper.

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    The bigger camp sites are mostly insect free, we've never had any problems in that regard, ditto on monkeys in Satara, do not know about LS, have not been there in a while. It is going to be pretty hot in that tent, and shady trees are fairly scarce in most camps in the Kruger, take 2/3 more extentions so you can set up your camp under a shady tree, sometimes far away from a power point, take a reflective fly sheet as well, helps for isolation from the sun and is a must if you cannot find a tree. Take a fan for the daytime, otherwise its going to be pretty much unbearable in a tent.


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    Soos gese nie reeds klagtes van ape en bobbejane nie. Die eekhoringkies in Satara het wel ons avo's in die woonwa ontdek en aan elkeen geproe.
    Junie is 'n goeie tyd om te gaan, onthou net dit kan in die aande maar koud word.
    As julle kan oorslaap sonder om kamp op te slaan help dit nogal, dan kan jy vroeg die oggend kyk wie gaan ry en dan dalk 'n goeie plek kry. Vat maar 'n lang kragkabel saam, daar is partykeer mooi staanplekke, maar die krag bokse is reeds vol. Kyk hoe die ander kampeerders opgeslaan het en vra waar die son opkom en ondergaan, sodat jy die eerste keer reg opslaan. Die son kan maar bak deur die dag!
    Ons was nou daar(Satara) vir 'n maand tot 10 Junie, baie wild en het dit regtig geniet!
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    We just returned from a 2 week trip to Kruger (Pretoriuskop / Skukuza / Lower Sabie) with our 5 year old daugther and 3 year old son.

    W.r.t monkeys / baboons:
    - There were some monkeys around @ Pretoriuskop - they stole chips that my son left laying around. Wasn't agressive or a problem. They seems to manage the problem well here - there were a guy walking around with a "kettie" scaring the moneys away from the tents / caravans. They also removed one "problem" monkey from the camp while we were there.
    - At Skukuza we didn't see any monkeys / baboons at all. (We did see a bush baby at night
    - At Lower Sabie, we camped close to the day visitors area, and some baboons visited the campsite from there. They stole some peanuts that some people left laying around, but no damage. We only saw them the one day.

    When leaving the camp, we pack all foodstuff away in creates / fridges, and lock those in the tents. I also close the tent's vents, so that the crates are not visible from the outside - I've heard too many stories of baboons ripping tents to get to food, and they also know by now that crates contains food.
    We've also packed all the leftovers or food that isn't sealed in the car during our drives.
    Maybe I'm overly cautious, but I'd rather take the extra precautions than arrive to a ripped up tent.

    That said, we didn't actually experience any issues. Worst was the monkey stealing the chips, and a bird that got into the tent and made a bit of a mess

    It was pretty warm during the day - a bit chilly in the evenings, but nothing serious. We usually arrived at the campsites around 12:00, and never had a problem finding a nice spot (maybe we were lucky...)

    All in all - a great experience, kids enjoyed it very much. We'll be looking to go back as soon as fund allow
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