Iíve planned a Zambia/Malawi trip in August. Around Aug 16th Iíll move from Chifunda Camp in South Luangwa (Zambia) to Rumphi (Malawi) along the way to Nyika Plateau.
I reckon there are two possible alternatives: a) (longer but probably faster) Chifunda/Emusa/Lundazi, border crossing in Mqocha, Mzuzu and then Rumphi. OR b) (shorter but probably longer in time)Chifunda, Emusa, D103 northbound towards Mbeya, border crossing in Katumbi, Rumphi.

Alternative a) looks like smooth and easy, b) uncertain although the track seems to be there and reliable.

Does anyone made them recently? Which border post is faster? Any clue?
Many thanks,