4x4 Routes in St Lucia

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    Default 4x4 Routes in St Lucia


    I am driving to St Lucia for a few days, any places worth seeing? Where can I do some 4x4 when I am down there? Is there places in St Lucia where Beach Driving is allowed? Permits needed and where to get it? Or is it also totally banned to drive on the beach in St Lucia as well?

    O ya and any nice pubs that you would recommend to have a cold one at?

    Any recommendations would be appreciated!

    Thanks a lot!

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    Hi Krimie.

    Have a look here


    I also enquired at a Bikers forum, and this was their reply....although a bit more south....

    If you aint fishing - you gotta be diving ?

    The areas I'd watch out for is Gingingdluvu (North Cast KZN) for stone throwing...Nice speedtraps there also from the back. If you can take the Alternative Route to Durban I think it's the M4 then do so..it may be slower but it scenic, got some lekka pubs and safer.

    Ballito go to the Bush Pub as if you going into Ballito or go to the HUT on the beach front. Biker friendly.

    Go to Warner Beach, Sainted 3, on Kingsway Rd. Leka plek.

    If you can get to Ramsgate go to Pistols Pub and you gotta go to Waffle House also and you can't miss out Castaways Holiday Resort in Munster. Leka camping there too. Owned by bikers, the Dragon Rally is held there. See places to go.

    Stone throwing at Umbumbulu (South Coast KZN) but seems to be under control now they just hang bleddy fishing weights off the bridges at windscreen height...
    Park Rynie RTI, 0 Tolerance big time.......so be careful.

    If I think of any more I'll let you know.
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