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    Default Disco 4 reliability?

    Currently driving a Pathfinder, now 5 years old and it is time for a change. What to buy? Clearly the Disco 4 is high on the list, visually and comfort does seem pick of the bunch, but I am worried about reliability.

    A collegue of mine bought one last year and left him stranded twice in the first month, with some electrical short somewhere. This is just not acceptable for me at that price tag.

    Prado diesel is probably a little underpowered, I only saw the TX at a dealer and I thought the interior is horrible. Maybe the VX is better.

    We use the 7 seats a lot, do mostly tar and towing caravan, we do quite a bit of gravel roads, but only light trails, nothing too hectic. So the off road ability is probably a waste on me, but I think the Audi Q7 or so is probably too light in that department.

    Really like the Disco though, but worried about reliability? Any thoughts?

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    Obvoiusly all the Toyota guys are not really eager to voice an opinion in this regard as the LR clan will come down on the poor idiot making a comment like a swarm of horny bees, but to be honest, in the dept of what you get for the price tag, there is nothing that beats the D4. I was sceptical i.t.o. reliability, no first hand knowledge on the D4 though but I had some very very nasty experiences with my D3 that I bought secondhand, so I could've had a dut..........
    I was depressed for weeks on having to make the decision when I bought my car, and I am glad the decision is in your hands, I don't think my mind will survive that decision for a second time . Good luck.
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    you won't regret the D4. I have friends who drive them and a very good friend is a V senior mechanic in the Landy system and he grudgingly admits that the D4 does not have many come backs.

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    the D4 is a luxury vehicle and bestowed with all kinds of electrickery as are most of the other marques like Merc, BM and Volvo etc
    would be interesting to get feedback on what issues led to the vehicle letting him down. maybe unrelated to mechanicals and sometimes a blown fuse or something similar could give a vehicle a bad name.
    i overheard a D3 owner the other day badmouthing his car because he had a flat tyre. would not be surprised if he had limp wrists and could not even change the tyre himself and called roadside assist to come change it for him. now that is petty.
    bottom line is LR is getting better and better and better.
    heard of more comebacks on some of the other supposedly perfectly reliable marques than the D4.
    at least if buying new or almost new, you are covered by warranty and roadside assistance. most of these dealerships will even offer a courtesy car till yours is sorted.

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    There are enough D3 owners simply upgrading to D4 to show that it is not a bad car.
    It is complex, and if your brake light fuse, stuff like the suspension can give errors. Same happening with all fly by wire cars BMW Merc from Sedans to 4x4.

    If I was in the market and had the $ I would not think twice. but that is because I am a fan. Objectively, I can not give an answer
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    I'm a first time landy owner who has had a no of issues. However most of it stem from the fact that the dealer's mechanics were not capable to assist. But once I got the workshops manager's attention, everything became so much easier. Will I buy a disco4, maybe not, but only because I want to replace my disco3 with a rr sport or full fat range rover.

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    I traded my Disco 3 in on a Disco 4 and had no problems with either vehicle.

    The Disco 3 was traded in on 100,000km and I have now travelled just under 60,000km in the Disco 4 (60% tar and 40% gravel) without any issues at all.

    The only time my Disco is at the dealers is for a service.

    I have recently returned from a trip through Botswana, Caprivi and Vic Falls. (4,000km) There were 13 vehicles in the convoy (1 x Disco 3, my Disco 4 and a Freelander - the others were Toyotas, Isuzu’s, Fords etc) and the Land Rovers went everywhere where the others went with one big difference - a much more comfortable drive!

    The only thing I do not like on the Disco is the 19” wheels. They are very expensive and you do not have a big choice in A/T and M/T tyres.
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