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    Default Ford 2.5tdi problem.

    I have a problem with my ford.
    It pulls well with out problem but as soon as you select 3rd gear and start to get at say 3000 to 3200 rpm it starts jerking.
    From there it does this in the rest of the gears as well meaning 4th and 5th so you cant do anything more then 120km/h.
    I fitted a fasset low pressure fuel pump just before the diesel filter and now the problem is gone.
    My main concern is that this only made the problem better but it did not solve the problem because it is not factory standard.
    So what can I replace to solve the problem so the system works like it should?
    Is there a low pressure pump in the tank does the diesel pump have a low pressure side what??


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    Sounds like fuel starvation. Read the thread below, perhaps it might help.
    And then it happened ....

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