Every once in a while there are some posts about renting a 4x4. Here is something that happened to us a few weeks back. We were in the CKR on our way to piper pans. About 20K before the pans we noticed our defender was losing power. gauges were all ok though and no warning light on. We opened the hood and discovered oil purging out of the coolent bottle. Most Lilkely cause a blow head gasket. we called Bushlore our rental company that I have used 4 times before on our sat phone. We came up with a plan to camp where we were because driving further could do more damage to the vehicle. Right away they dispatched two vehicles on there way to us. One from Windhoek and one from Kasane. We camped that night along the road hearing lion all around through out the night. The breakdown happened about 4:00 pm and by 5:00 pm the next day we had two vehicles at our camp. We took one of the vehicles for ourself and they used the other to tow the other one out. Our down time was not bad considering the distance they had to drive to get us another vehicle