The goverment has published its new proposals some months ago. According to this, farm employees after a certain time of being employed on a farm, automatically obtain rights to their accomodation and these rights extend to allow them to also bring their extended family onto the farm. It also includes the right for them to graze animals on the farmers land etc. Note this right remains even when the employee is no longer employed!!!!

Now I am not going to comment on the ridiculousness of this proposed legislation, I rather have some startling comments to make on certain implications.

Working on the assumption that employees who work for the goverment, are entitled to the same employment conditions as those of the private sector (and of course the goverment would WANT to set an example (Ha Ha)), this means that the employees on Goverment farms will also enjoy these benefits.

When I say "Goverment Farms" I am of course talking about places like the Kruger National Park (Which is a game farm) as well as all the other National and prvincial game farms.

So now the Kruger labourers as well as the game rangers etc, will all be able to lay claim to their accomodation (meaning the goverment will have to build NEW houses for the next generation of staff).

And to think you guys were worried about a hotel or two. Watch this space for the park now becomeing a huge informal settlement.


Oh, and damn me if te goverment is not going to find some excuse to "exclude" the Goverment from this legislation. Now note, the reason behind the legislation is the belief that farmers are exploiting their workers and the Goverment needs to implement corrective avtion. The employees on Game parks are woking under the same conditions as farm workers, so now when the corrective measures take effect, ONLY the Goverment will remain as an employer who "exploits" his employees!!