Advice - Alternative Routes in Mozambique

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    Default Advice - Alternative Routes in Mozambique

    Dear 4x4 Community Members,

    Hope you are all well !

    I was wondering if anybody could assist with some advice &/or current info re. off-road conditions/access, time needed, fuel/water, safety and possible stop-over's i.t.o. the following routes/roads.
    We are planning a motorcycle trip (+ Land Rover Defender 110 Td5 & trailer as back up vehicle) in SEPT/OCT 2011 and we are planning to travel via one of the following, if possible:

    ROUTE 417
    From either Maxixe or the EN1 > Homoine Panda Manjacaze Chibuto Chokwe Magude Moamba EN4 > Komatipoort.

    Mapinhane (EN1) > ROUTE 423 Mabote Machaila ROUTE 412 Donga/Route 208 Chokwe Magude Moamba EN4 > Komatipoort.

    Any advice and/or info would be highly appreciated !
    Thank you.



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    Default Your Trip - on 417

    did you ever do the trip - I am wondering about a strange phenomenon on the 417 road in Mozambique, maybe you can help. There is a discussion on DriveMoz in this regard
    Live Life while you are Living .. just enjoy!

    I Just love Mozambique, DriveMoz and my new Ford Ranger

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