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    Default RFW and 4x4 light alternate flashing

    About 4 days ago when trying to start my Ranger 4l, I was surprised with a run down battery.There was no apparent reason (lights on etc).So we did a running start (fortunately parked on a hill ) and drove home.Stopped at home, started engine 3times with no problems and pulled into the garage.Next morning the engine would not turn again, and again it was obvious that the battery was run down.Running started it again in reverse and drove of to the nearest battery centre.Turned out that the battery was faulty and I had it replaced.(The 3 starts the day before probably was too much for it and the short run into the garage not enough to charge).
    However now I have a new problem: since the last running start, the yellow RFW light and green 4x4 lights flash alternatively.I'm not even sure whether this is a mechanical or electrical problem.Other than that the bakkie runs fine with no apparent problems.

    Any ideas or advise please?

    2005 Ford Ranger 4.0

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    my bakkie het dieselfde gedoen,met die liggies. op die linkerkant van die ratkas na die propshaft se kant toe is n 'sensor'.een van daardie drade het afgeruk op n roete wat ek gery het. nadat ek daardie drade vervang het was my probleem op n end.

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    Ek dink ek het slegte nuus vir jou, myne maak presies dieselfde na die battery episode, nou is die 4x4 module geblaas!! R2004 -00 verder, ek sal Dinsdag sien of dit die probleem was.

    Sien hierdie Thread:
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