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    Default SsangYong Workshop Manuals

    I was lucky enough to be taught by my dad how to fix a car since a very young age.

    We had an old Peugeot 504 that my Dad got for free from an old lady, and I used it after I got my licence a few years ago. Either I was so good, or it was because the dekselse car broke down so often, but after a year I was able to remove the head and valve gear in 30minutes.
    During these years I learnt the indispensable value of a workshop manual. You can tell it was used because the book was quite unusable when we sold it, it was too oil stained to make out the diagrams on the pages!

    This brings me to SsangYong... I got my new Korando this weekend. I do the DIY thing, and I aint' ever gonna trust no Stealer to 'fix' my Korando, rather do it myself. At least then I know what I broke in the process of fixing something else.

    I started looking for workshop manuals for the Korando, and was pleased to discover that SsangYong actually keeps them on their website!

    This website hosts all the manuals and Workshop Manuals for all SsangYongs to date. Can be quite handy!

    I just thought I'd share my find with you...


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    Default Manuals

    Hi chris plot here got a rexton 245000km no serius problems
    would like to get hold of man. Can you please sent me the
    web adr. You found for the man. This is my second ssangyong the first was a musso with a safri turbo conversion should never have sold the musso

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    2001 Toyota Hilux 3.0L KZ-TE 4x4 Raider d/c >
    with some extra bits...

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