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    Default Suzuki SJ410 Idling Problem

    Hi, I am busy rebuilding a SJ410 I bought a couple of months ago. One problem I don't seem to fix: I need to use the choke to start the engine, once I pull the choke back , the engine stalls. Further, pushing the accelerator to rev the engine up causes the engine to stall also. It is quite tricky to get the engine running past 2000 revs, but once past a certain point, the engine revs smoothly.
    Things I've done already:
    1) Cleaned the fuel supply system
    2) Installed a carb service kit BUT one jet hasn't been replaced - the one positioned vertically and located underneath a little copper cap screw just to the side of the float cap - can't get it out. I assume this is the air mixture screw which is probably my problem - am I running to lean?

    Any help please?

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    mine did the same thing a week ago, i changed the condenser on my distributor and it seemed to solve the problem..

    Also check that there's not too much moisture coming out the exhaust (white smoke), it could also be a blown head gasket!?
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