Cahorra Bassa and tiger fishing

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    Default Cahorra Bassa and tiger fishing

    Starting to plan a trip to Cahorra Bassa to see if some blind, dumb and deaf
    Tiger fish will take the bait.

    1 - Looking at T4A, not many roads around ....cannot find any camping sites
    so first question ....any suggestion on a rustic but good camping side?
    2 - Any suggestions on the best location for Tiger's?
    3 - Assume Zim into Moz .....any issues with boats in either?
    4 - Anything I have not asked?

    I am also looking for another 5-6 vehicles that are keen to join. Plan is a
    3 week trip ...... wife is working so me and my short 3 men. No problem with
    husband/wife teams but my kids are lively and will always be more important
    to me than you .... but discipline is not neglected. No need for a boat but
    with a larger group, we will need more boats. If boats are taken, it is
    expected that others will assist with getting some of the equipment to
    Cahorra. I have no problems with a booze or beers .....but if your idea of a
    good time is observing nature in an intoxicated stupor, don't join. If you
    like to skinner, cause mayhem and generally behave anti-social, please go
    elsewhere. I will be taking mountain bikes if worthwhile to entertain
    ourselves. Overlanding and camping experience not required. There will be a
    planning gatherings and trail camping to get the feel of each other. If you
    don't fish, but want to tag along.....for some time, the whole time, you are

    If interested, drop me a line [email protected] and confirm. Dates for now
    are 30 June 20 July ....... please indicate if you could teach the
    uninformed about tiger fishing, will you be bringing a boat, your parties
    make up?

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    A friend just did that trip. He said it was amazing but you must be with to locals if you want to fish. That little dam is [email protected] big, Try to find out more
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    Did this in 2002 Damm nice.

    We went through Zim and passed onto Tete province at the Njamapanda border post. Thats a mission on its own. You will find a Kilometer or more of trucks... We just drove past and and had no problems. The border post is worse than worse, and the one that flashes the most money and pushes the hardest gets helped first. Take your own pen and plenty of patience....

    We stayed at the Ugezi Tiger lodge where self catering meant you bring fridge and cuttlery, plates, bedding and all.. Restaurant there was OK.

    Tigers were OK, biggest around 3Kg. We went with the local boats and guides form the lodge. Going with your own boats can be a problem as there are plenty of gill nes set by the locals.... make sure you have a sharp knife with you. The local skippers are good and know where the good spots are and where to get the bait (small yummie fishes, cant remember the name)

    DO NOT SWIM IN THE DAM. Its full of crocs, and thats no lie. Hippo's are also often seen. Its lovely there, and remember that you will need plenty of sunscreen...

    Remember that all is worked in US$, from the petrol and food. The bank in Songo is not affiliated with any SA banks and money cannot be drwan there. Credit cards were also frowned apon

    Other than that remember that the tours through the Cahora Bassa Hydro electric Scheme are awesome and free. This is a must.... Especially if you can identify the fish at the bottom of the damm wall. They look like sharks Take your binoculars along, it may be worth it to see what I mean.

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