The Zebra National Park

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    The Queenstown 4x4 Environmental Off-road Association

    The Ultimate Country 4x4 Drive

    On the 3rd of November a group of fellow 4x4 enthusiasts joined us on a trip to,
    The Commando Drift Dam and also we visited The Mountain Zebre National Park.
    We all first met at The Whittle Sea intersection where the indemnity forms were signed and then we all proceeded out in convoy.

    To get to The Commando Drift Dam there are two roads that a person can use, the first is; as you enter Tarkastad you just carry on towards Cradock, using Grey Street, this route is mostly on tar roads, but 11km from Cradock there is a sign board that indicates that you must turn left and then drive for 40km on a gravel road which is in excellent condition, you will then find another sign telling you to turn left, the distance to travel is 5km where you will find the Reserve Gate.

    The route that we took was, you enter Tarkastad drive along Grey Street then turn left into van Reenen Street, then proceed straight up and around The War Memorial and then drive a very scenic gravel road for 37km, when we were crossing a low bridge, a two metre Egyption Cobra crossed the road in front of Ronny's Colt Rodeo, we slowed down giving it right of way, you will then come to a sign telling you to turn right, from this point it is 5km to the entrance to The Commando Drift Nature Reserve.
    We all then proceeded to the Office. Where you will find a very friendly Nature Conservation Officer, there are many different information brochure's free on offer.

    Due to the time factor we did not enter The Reserve. Next year we will visit this Reserve and make a full day of it. After a few enjoyable refreshments and biscuits we all then proceeded back to Cradock. Now remember with the road being gravel, we all automatically kept our following distances due to all the dust, and loose stones being thrown up behind each vehicle.

    To get to The Mountain Zebra National Park, just follow the signs as you enter Cradock, the route is very well displayed with these signs. The Park is 25 km from Cradock.

    This scenic park consists of more than 18 000 ha, where the scenery varies from grassed - covered plateaus, to wooded ravines, provides a sanctuary for the rare Cape Mountain Zebra, as well as herds of eland, springbok, kudu, black wildebeest, blesbok and red hartebeest, to name but a few, and then smaller predators such as the African wild cat, bat- eared fox and aard- wolf. 200 bird species have been recorded there.

    After the necessary entry fees were paid we then visited the shop, where they have different African arts on sale, nature books, refreshments, cloth badges and other interesting items can be purchased.

    In this park a person can really get back to nature. There are opportunities for game viewing from your own vehicle, horse riding in the bracing mountain air, walking along several nature trails, or undertaking the 3 day hiking trail( 2 overnight huts).
    Also on offer is the parks rest camp where you can bring your caravan or tent, or you can stay in one of the self contained chalets.

    We all then enjoyed a drive through the park, taking the longer route, we were able to see The Mountain Zebra, kudu, black wildebeest, springbok, eland, an eagle soaring high above looking for less unfortunate prey for a meal. The mountain views were superb, the roads in excellent condition and most important being able to enjoy this natural countryside with our families and friends.

    Some more information about the park; It also offers a licensed restaurant, conference facilities, swimming pool, petrol and diesel pumps.
    An unforgettable experience is to stay in Doornhoek farmstead that dates back from 1836 and lies hidden in a secluded valley.

    We all then enjoyed an excellent late lunch and then we all proceeded back towards Queenstown with sorrow in our hearts as to be leaving a beautiful place like The Mountain Zebra National Park.

    Our 4x4 Association is family oriented, where the whole family and their friends can join us on different 4x4 outings as many times as they like, to be able to join us is on invitation only.
    If you are interested in this 4x4 Association then contact me for more details?

    Thank you

    Simon Morris cell 082 499 1924

    Please note this trail can also be done with a normal 2wd vehicle.

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    Next time consider driving UbeJane trail (Good place to see the rhino) in the park and the visit the EggRock to the sout of Cradock.



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