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    het ook daai kit in, Diesel air locks was hectic, tot die install
    nou vinnig vir refuels.

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    Dankie sal daar gaan kyk

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    Before the mod to my tank, the fuel light would come on around 650/700 km. Then I added the extra breather pipe higher up on the tank and also adjusted the tank float. What I did next was to add fuel into the empty tank lying flat on the floor with wires connected, until the light went out. it now took just over 15 litres and the light went off. Now I have a base to work on. Next I replaced the tank back into the vehicle and continued adding fuel until the fuel was at the top of the filler neck. I added around 68 litres. Therefore the Dteq DC holds a total of [15+68] 83 litres.
    I can regularly get around 700km before the light comes on, on the open road at around 110km/hr.
    Recently I travelled 850 km on one tank before filling up, on a trip from JHB to Botswana [I carried extra fuel so I was still ok, but anxious]. Flat highway conditions, evening run, cooler conditions and I had the auto cruise on at 2200 rpm [108km/hr.]
    The dash read out dropped to 7.9 l/100 at one time but generally sat at 8.5l/100 km.
    Around town the dash read out sits at 8.9 km/l or [11.2 - 11.5 l/100 km ].
    2011 I30 Huyundai platcar
    2017 Ford Ranger D/Cab 2.2 TdCi XLS 4x4 Auto

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