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    Default power savings - interesting... saving the world...

    story is that the energy saving globes installed in houses save 1.8 Gigawatts in power!!

    That is, as a matter of interest, exactly the same power as Koeberg makes!!!

    I thought it was optimistic/ another case of incorrect prefixes, but 43.5 million light bulbs sounds reasonable as the number installed - and if you work it out, yup it's about 1800 Mega watts...

    when I did mine I worked out changing the globes would save me about R400 a month, at a cost of R2000 for the globes... plus they do not blow as often as normal globes...

    much better investment than a solar geyser which takes 15 years to pay for itself!!!

    but that is truly incredible - a whole nuclear power station of energy savings!!!

    Eskom often comes in for a lot of criticism, but credit where credit is due - they changed those 43 million globes at their cost - say a billion Rands worth of globes at R20 each - I assume they got a good deal for volume

    a LOT cheaper in money terms and environmental terms than a new power station, nuclear or otherwise!!!

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    I am OK with that!! Makes sense. But don't come and tell me to switch off my TV at the wall, or pull out the Cellphone charger when not using it! It costs more to make those bloody adds than you save!
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    well, they make a lot more sense than a solar geyser!!!

    and farting about unplugging chargers and so on...

    a geyser is 15k up front after rebate from Eskom - and you save about R100 a month...

    replace 2 x 500w lights that run for 3 hours a night with 45W ones for R300 and you save 2.7kW/h per night... or 62kWh per month = R62....

    add in all the 60W ones and it really does make sense, especially when you consider it's a whole power station output for the nation!!!

    I am truly impressed!!!

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