Mozambique - Zim trip Dec 2010

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    Default Mozambique - Zim trip Dec 2010

    Hello all. Riccardo Biasin here. My brother and I will be leaving Jhb on Dec 15 to go to Kariba in Zimbabwe and returning around 6 Jan via Bietbridge. We will be going via Giriyondo into the Transfrontier Park, on up to the Mapai river crossing, into Zim at the Chicualacuala/Sango border post and checking out Ghonarezou National Park. Then on to Kariba few a few days. Is there anybody else interested in joining us on this trip? We are travelling with a Land Cruiser VX. Your vehicle must be able to cope with part of the Shingwedzi trail and black mud in Ghona,s! Please contact me on 0829792962 to discuss the trip. I know this is short notice, but the other 2 vehicles that were joining us had to cancel, so we are doing the trip solo. Cheers.

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    Hey Riccardo - spoke on cell. We plan to exit SA at Pafuri and cross the Limpopo at Pafuri staying at Rossi Camp in Gona's on 19th. If Pafuri is not crossable we will move down to Mapai. We will be at Chitove for 4 days and Directors for 4 days, then upto Chipinda for balance of trip. White L/Cruiser 100 series with an Isuzu following, 4 of us in the party. Would be good to catch up and have a chilly one under the shadow of the cliffs. Enjoy your trip. John.

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