Hello all. Riccardo Biasin here. My brother and I will be leaving Jhb on Dec 15 to go to Kariba in Zimbabwe and returning around 6 Jan via Bietbridge. We will be going via Giriyondo into the Transfrontier Park, on up to the Mapai river crossing, into Zim at the Chicualacuala/Sango border post and checking out Ghonarezou National Park. Then on to Kariba few a few days. Is there anybody else interested in joining us on this trip? We are travelling with a Land Cruiser VX. Your vehicle must be able to cope with part of the Shingwedzi trail and black mud in Ghona,s! Please contact me on 0829792962 to discuss the trip. I know this is short notice, but the other 2 vehicles that were joining us had to cancel, so we are doing the trip solo. Cheers.