Hi all
We have recently decided to replace our tow vehicle as the 2007 Ford Ranger 3.0L we had has given us nothing but hassles and I don't ever want to own a Ford again!
Our current choices are between a Hilux and a Navara. We like to Toyota because it is a proven, trustworthy vehicle and has been around for ages. The Navara however looks very tempting with its torque stats and various 'non-essential' add ons for virtually the same price. However, we hit a snag when we start looking at the towing capacities. A fully-laden 2-berth horsebox is approx 2350 kg (GVM), which actually far exceeds the towing capacity of the Hilux, which is 1500 kg (the Isuzu is 1100 kg!). When you think about it, the majority of horsebox towing vehicles could very well be illegal! The Navara, on the other hand has a capacity of 3000 kg!
What has prompted to look further into this is the fact that we are considering buying a 4-berth horsebox as my wife and I compete 4 horse between us and taking two vehicles and two horseboxes (1 always borrowed) is a huge hassle and waste of money. The GVM of a 4 berth horsebox is 3500 kg.
Does anyone have any experience with towing a Navara? Or any experience in towing a 4-berth (or equivalent load)? We can, unfortunately, only look at the Navara/Hilux class of vehicle.
Many thanks!