A few quick notes on our trip through Kafue - September 2010

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    Default A few quick notes on our trip through Kafue - September 2010

    Hi everyone,

    We have just returned from our trip through Kafue and I thought I would post a few quick comments. Hope to post a more comprehensive report and pics when I have some more internet time (we are still on the road).

    Days 1 & 2 - Livingstone to Nanzhila - Tar road out zia Zimba seems to be finally complete (except for a few minor details like road markings) so we made good time to Kalomo. There we had the first glitch - no diesel (frustratingly the car in front of us which had only just overtaken us took the last 30L). But no matter - we had the likelihood of fuel at Itetzi Tetzi and 40L waiting for us at Mukambi (thank you Thirstie!!).

    The road to Dumdumwedse gate (c 70km from Kalomo) was absolutely fine - recently graded - paid park fees at the gate with no problems and from there it was about another 70km to Nanzhila. Again the road was absolutely fine.

    Campsite was great (stayed 2 nights), Brad and Ruth very helpful and friendly, and we saw good game. Herds of sable and roan, elephant and wattled crane. Heard lions roaring at night.

    But tetses were BAD - much the worst of the trip (we have no air con).

    Days 3-5 - Nanzhila to Kaingu

    Again a good and easy drive. Slight wobbly moment when we arrived at park gates to be told we should pay for another days fees though it wasn't even 10am. We had been told we needn't pay as long as we were out by 11am. Persuaded parks staff to let us past without paying.

    Got fuel at Itetzi Tetzi. NB This may be a necessity but if it isn't I would avoid it. Not only is it pricey (which is to be expected) but by the time we got back to Livingstone we had suffered a serious loss of power (ie were crawling up hills at 15kph). Diagnosis was clogged fuel filter caused by contaminated diesel -which must have come from there.

    Arrived at Kaingu to be welcomed by Egbert who was great. Campsite lovely (stayed 3 nights). Elephant in camp on two occasions. Can highly recommend a river trip with Egbert. Unfortunately I was unlucky to pick up what was later confirmed to be a spider bite. Looked and felt a bit like a chemical burn. Not nice.

    Also discovered we had a crack in our chassis. Also not nice

    Days 6-8 - Kaingu - Mukambi

    Took the river road - very nice. A few biggish/steepish descents and climbs through river beds but only a trickle of water. Only 50km but took approx 3 hours.

    Arrived at Mukambi - great to meet Thirstie in person. Thank you so much for a) the fuel and b) welding the chassis.

    Lovely campsite (stayed 2 nights). Good to meet up with the T4A guys too. Went on a lovely night drive - saw lionesses and cubs.

    Days 9 -11 - Mukambi to Lufupa

    We had only planned a night here followed by 3 nights at McBrides but ended up staying at Lufupa as there were the first signs of a leak from the fuel tank (a recurring problem we have had which seems to be caused by the chassis flexing). Luckily though it held up for some short game drives and got us back safely to Livingstone where it is now being fixed.

    Had some lovely game drives and were lucky enough to see wild dogs hunting. Had elephants in camp - great to see them shaking the palms to get the nuts.

    Day 12 - Headed out of the park and noticed loss of power. Got it checked out at Mukambi and their mechanic thought it was the sender unit (though as mentioned again it turned out to be contaminated fuel).

    Met Mike AG on the way out of Mukambi which was great. Limped back to Lusaka slowly - especially on the inclines -and ended up driving through Lusaka in the dark - which was an experience!! Glad to arrive at Pioneer Camp.

    From there we limped back even more slowly but are now newly welded and with a new fuel filter.

    Next stop Botswana!!

    Thanks so much to all on this form for their generosity with their time and help.

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    Thx for the report...

    Looks awesome!

    Don't blow it, this is the only planet with beer!

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    Why does that Hippo look skinny?
    "Man is still the greatest miracle and the greatest problem on this earth"

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    Hi JohnDough,

    I didn't mention him in my report did I? I don't know about skinny (maybe the angle?) but he was in a bit of a bad way poor thing. We saw him about an hour after sun up making his way back to the river - he was limping very badly and was covered in injuries which were still bleeding. We thought a lion had had a go at him but the guide we mentioned it to said more likely another hippo. He was only a small male and I guess he got beaten up. The guide did also say he'd in all likelihood be fine.

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    We can't wait to be in that area mid November. Our planning is really taking shape and so are the mods to the second Landie. Thanks for sharing that with us Itchyfeet!
    Hope that your vehicle troubles are over for now

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    Thanks for the report…great to read; we will be there in a few weeks.
    Hope the 4x4 keeps well…
    Safe travels

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    Good to meet you guys......sorry we couldn't spend longer together. I believe you are having major works done in Livingstone, so I hope all goes well with this. I bumped into Ralph and Angela at almost every turn on our trip, which was fun.......

    Keep us posted!

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