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    Hi guys,

    Underneath is an article of the Our Times, local newspaper, of our clubs activity over the past week-end, I hope it will encourage other clubs to do alike.

    Guys, I can asure you it is worth all the effort, not in money, but in gratefulness for what we have......

    "The Kouga 4x4 club is a family orientated club that not only go on 4x4 trips, but this club also has a responsibility towards its community. In the beginning of the year the club decided to give some support to the Uitvlught Primary School. This school is situated about 30 kilometers outside Humansdorp in a farming community. The facilities at the school are minimal, with no electricity, running water or flushing toilets.

    All the playground equipment that is currently at the school came from donations from various individuals and organisations. Mrs Sarien Viljoen, the school principal and her husband Piet are members of the Kouga 4x4 Club. When the club’s management committee become aware of the school’s need, they decided to step in to make a difference in the lives of the 59 learners at the school, says Mr Fanie van Zyl, chairman of the club. After consultation with the school it was decided that a sand put was one of the items needed badly at the school.

    The building project was planned and finalised and on Saturday, the 18th September 2010, five families of the club and their children departed on the “building expedition” at the school. The members of the club and their children build the sand put with their own hands. Everybody were involved, the men did the hard labour, the children help with the varnishing of the wood and even the women helped in filling the put with sand. On completion the work the children of the club donated some of their old toys to the school.

    Everybody involved enjoyed the day at the school and Mr Fanie van Zyl said that it was an enriching experience to give something to this under privileged community. He said, that while working the day at the school, they realised that the needs of this kind of school’s are enormous. They function on shoe string budgets if compared with schools in urban areas and urges other organisations to get involved as well."

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