When is it going to rain in...?

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    Default When is it going to rain in...?

    I got a very interesting email from Andrea from African Parks (Liuwa Plains) that I thought I would share with you. Jen this might help you predict conditions in Dec - if you look at the statistics it shows that Kalabo has 19 rainy days in Dec which shares first place for the rainiest month with January! I am sure Andrea is distributing this email because every second booking probably asks the same question: When is it going to rain?

    Hi all,

    I hope this email finds you all well. I thought that the below weather link will come in handy to you. You could even tell tourists to google it as it gives advanced weather readings. It is surprising very accurate as each time the TV weather said it would snow, it didn’t, but when this sight said it would, then it did. I thought to see if it included Kalabo and was very surprised to see that it did. I have put in the link below. It’s a Norwegian sight hence the www.yr.no If you google it you can almost get any far away and remote weather reports where they may record weather. You should pass it around to the other projects as well, if they want weather forecasts that is.

    Anyway I thought it may help especially when you want to predict when the rains will arrive. Here we should have had rain but have not. The cold thankfully has subsided, I think the coldest here was recorded on a farm over the hill from me, they recorded, minus 18 degrees Celsius. Now that was really cold. Well we kind of miss Kalabo, strange as I thought I never would.


    Take care

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    Hi Linda and Jacques!!!

    I'm back at my site near Mushingashi, still busy with the trip report, lots of work keeping me from the important stuff!! I really hope it rains soon, its getting very dry now, the dust is a real problem, and the heat is slowly building up to the point where the Aussies might just melt ;-)

    Once again, thanks for an absolutely FANTASTIC stay at Mukambi!

    Chat soon, Gary
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gary110 View Post
    I really hope it rains soon,
    If that could just hold off for the next 4 weeks, thanks! I'm planning on having the top to my tent open to the stars.......

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    Here is my weather station link with a detailed update every 5min's and rapid fire update every 2 seconds.

    The setup is in my backyard and if you know how you can see my pandokkie in Ndola.
    I now have 3 year stats and if you use the custom reports you can get some interesting info.

    Keep an eye on the UV index ...it is already dangerously high and will soon be touching 15.

    Solar radiation is also of interest running quiet high even through this bank of pollution in the upper sky. Once the clouds set in Solar Rad drops significantly making solar power problematic in the rainy season

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