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    Default Canvas canopy recommendation

    Hi Guys

    Im not one to rant and rave about service and good value for money but this was just to good not to pass on, i took my old canvas canopy in to modify the frame so that you can lock it and also for a colour change. got a quote from jacil canvas in hekpoort for R1000 for the frame mod and R3300 for a new canvas.

    when i went to pick it up the guys from jacil had a surprise installed for me they built me an entire new frame as the old one was not up to their standard for the same price ... free , mahala !

    so i basically got a brand new canvas canopy and complete new frame, lockable with gas lifts at the rear for R4300 !!! I think its a bargain and excellent service. taking into account all the extra steel that went into the frame to make it secure from the sides and the rear.... its more like a cattle rail. and now that i have the old frame i can sell the old canopy so its actually costing me less than R4300.

    this is the 2nd canvas canopy ive done through them, the first was for my old hilux, i can also vouch for the quality of their products as i know that canopy is still going strong today (gave the bakkie to my dad)

    so if youre looking for a canvas canopy/tent/awning etc you know who to contact

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    Hi Ryanbe, can you please give me more info about you cattle rail like canvas canopy. I am a farmer and planning to build my own canvas canopy for my 08 Kb 240... Well I actually already have started, can you please post more pics of your canopy, especially the locks...

    I'm building it ou of 40mm squere tubing and the canopy will also be squere, havent seen one like this before...

    Please Help, also if anyone knows were i can have my canvas made in the capetown area and what realistic costs would be looking at ( canvas only )


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