Hi Guys

What is the best antirust/corrosion treatment for a new Puma 110 - I'm referring to treating the chassis and underbody - to prevent rust.

I was referred to someone and went to see him today - he basically said they spray everything (except the propshaft and exhaust) with a black sticky substance (he mentioned it makes a mechanics life hell because a number 14 spanner will no longer work on a no 14 nut because it coats everything). I'm not sure this is the best solution? He also mentioned that they could spray the inside of the chassis (where water gets in, lies there and starts to rust from the inside) with wax. He said the black stuff they use remains sticky (which according to him is better because other products that go hard cause "airpockets" or something and it rusts underneath).

I've heard of the UK guys treating theirs with waxyol - is that a better option? - if so - who does that here in SA - in Cape Town?

Any info/ideas will be welcomed. I'm in CT so if anyone can recommend someone here I'd be grateful.

Is the rhino bakkie lining thing a good option.

Thanks guys!