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    Definitely something to look into then....
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    Default Re: Terracan Transfer case mod?

    Quote Originally Posted by offroad junky View Post
    I understand all that but I was under the impression that because the Disco has the CDL, none of the wheels would loose traction, even if not on the ground.... I geus it must be the traction control braking that specific wheel then....

    Yes, you summed it up perfectly.......I want the Disco with the Teracan power and consumption.... I geuss you can't have it both ways.... I would musch rather then just get a front part time locker like the Truetrac or lockrite because the Terracan has a LSD in the rear.

    some gen 2 pajeros had a rear diff lock factory fitted but most didnt, I think you had to order it when you purchased one
    The Gen 2 Pajeros, did they have a rear diff-lock as standard? The electric jobbies with the button on the dash like the Ford Rangers? If so, maybe I can install something like that in the Terracan's rear but if all else fails, I'll just do what Oom Morton and Terrezza did, go ARB front and back...
    the terracan is only gen 2 pajero from the chassis down. the diesel utilises a kia (or korean) engine known as a J3 rated at 163kw mated to a borgwarner box.
    Most have LSD rear ends but not all of them do.
    there is also two types of terra, the first called the base model is your part time 4x4, having 3 choice selections 2h, 4h and 4low, These have shift on the go and can be put into 4h at up to 80kph.
    then there's the Highlander,
    it's an all wheel drive and utilises a TOD or torque on demand transfer case having only two crappy selections 4h and 4low. the auto is a borgwarner, common in other vehicles but it runs a different input shaft.
    The v6 petrol runs different diff ratios to the diesel
    I have both models if you want to know anything specific about them, cheers
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