OE Recovery hook for Nissan Patrol

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    Arnie Guest

    Default OE Recovery hook for Nissan Patrol

    My Patrol is missing the u-shaped recovery hook which bolts (3 bolts into threaded holes) onto the front right chassis member. I have seen these on most Patrols and must have been factory fitted.

    Nissan want R411 for one and don't have stock. Anyone got one lying around....Simon, what's in that container of yours boet? I'll happily pay for one.

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    Its open
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    Arnie Guest


    Thanks Bryan. My fault, I hit the delete button. Much is written and asked on various forums about the strength of OE tow hooks. The Patrol comes standard with the U-bolt type rear hook under the doors and the one in front I have discussed here. Most reckon that these are designed for towing, not snatch-type recoveries and are not rated for this. makes you think?? especially for a vehicle as heavy as this one. They seem to have no difficulty in Aus. getting rated recovery points fitted. Why not in SA??

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    Arnie, I take it there is no recov. point on that Nudge-M of yours? There was none on my Sani's one either.....silly.

    I actually have that standard "hook" from my Sani but that's definately not going to fit the Patrol.
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    Arnie Guest


    Correct, no rocov. points on the Nudge-M. I do prefera recovery point that is solidly fixed to the chassis though for safety, this is the only way to go.

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