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    Default Another DIY Drawer (Colt)

    I spent the last couple of weekends building a DIY drawer system for my 2004 Colt D/C. Almost all of the info that I needed to get started came from this forum, including design ideas, supplier details and plenty of tips.

    I built the system around 6 Gommo boxes, because I could fit two of them lengthways between the wheel arches once the frame was allowed for. This meant only one drawer, as there was not space for another pair of slides and a support in the centre. An alternative would have been 4 low ammo boxes, which would have allowed space for two drawers and therefore been stronger but provided less storage.

    I used the Maizey “Connect – it” system and 25mm aluminium square tube. Being a complete “non-welder”, this was the only option for me.

    The drawer itself is approximately 945mm wide and 1000mm long, made of 38x38x3mm angle. It has two central pieces that support the boxes, but no floor. The frame is about 990mm wide, with “outriggers” extending to the sides of the load box to support the top.

    The top and front of the frame is covered in 12mm ply, carpeted with automotive carpet. I pasted strips of 3mm insertion rubber onto the base of the drawer and the frame tubes that rest on the “bak” and secure the system in place with turnbuckles at the front and back corners. These attach to the standard cargo hooks at the rear, and to eyebolts at the front – I removed the roll bar and turned in 4 eye bots. The top cover extends to the sides of the load box and creates two storage areas behind the wheel arches, accessible from the tailgate end and via a flap in the top. I had two pieces of 2mm aluminium checker plate cut to size to keep the contents of these storage areas from getting stuck in the runners. Together with the ply, this should also help brace the frame.

    A second battery will fit into one of the side storage areas and a fridge slider may follow (if I get a fridge). I added a few D rings to the top for securing loose items, and some wingnuts in the side storage areas for an axe and “kapmes”. The D rings also serve as attachment points when the system is lifted out of the bakkie (I lift it out with a pulley system and store it directly above the bakkie, hanging from the roof trusses). There is about 400mm of space in front of the drawers. This is not covered, and will just fit two high lid ammo boxes, or four 20l jerry cans and some change. The high lid boxes are almost flush with the top of the drawers; so long items can be laid across them. I estimate the total weight at about 40kg.

    I’ve attached a few pics of the frame and the finished product, as well as a list of the parts and prices. About a third of the cost was the gommo boxes, which I couldn’t find locally at the plastic wholesalers. At R265 each , they cost about double what ammo boxes are going for at present (anyone know a cheaper source in Cape Town?) The project was done over two weekends, with a couple of week nights thrown in for good measure. I hope this is useful if anyone is planning something similar, and thanks to all the posters whose info I used.
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    Nice system, I like.
    I lie awake at night trying to design one. Might copy a lot of yours

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    Where can you buy the sliders in Cape Town?

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    Nice job,I'm also dreaming up a drawer system so i got some good ideas from you.
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    Default Clever!

    Very well thought out.

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    Very neat. Nicely done. As a non-welder, how did you create the frame that slides out and holds the boxes?
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    Thanks for the comments. As with most DIY projects, there's a bit of fiddling and fettling after the initial job.

    Jeep Fan; I got the sliders from SISO South Africa. Contact Doug 021 558 3373 or 083 455 2115. He's in Plattekloof.

    Tritonian, I riveted the frame together. I'll have to see how well that lasts. It gets tested properly at the end of the month with a trip to Baviaanskloof. The basic frame consists of six pieces of aluminium angle. Four are in parallel and the boxes rest on these. The other two are the front and rear rails. I used 38x38mm, but should have possibly gone bigger for strength. The outer pieces against the runners bolt on with 3x 5mm countersunk machine screws each through pre-drilled holes in the runners, so they should be OK. The front and rear pieces go under the sides, so that the two centre pieces rest on top of them and are at the same height as the outer pieces. I was concerned about bending of the frame, so I've now sandwiched a piece of 78x3mm flat plate between the two centre pieces to stiffen them. I also mounted a small roller bearing at the front and rear of the drawer, in the centre. The drawer rests on these when closed, and rolls on the front bearing as it is opened.

    I also decided to make some storage boxes rather than pay over R1 000 for four more gommo boxes. I got four from one sheet of plywood for about R400, including screws, glue, etc. I'll post a few pics of the frame this weekend.
    Pics added, #1 is the roller bearing in the centre, the drawer slides over this as it opens, #2 is drawer fully open, #3 and #4 are views of the open drawer from above.
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