Advice needed for Moremi/Chobe trip September 2010

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    Default Advice needed for Moremi/Chobe trip September 2010

    Hi all,

    We will cross Moremi/Chobe in September 2010 and we need some advice.

    This is our trip schedule (everything booked):
    Maun => arrival 4 September
    Southgate => arrival 6 September
    3rd Bridge => arrival 7 September
    North Gate/Khwai => arrival 8 September
    Savute => arrival 10 September
    Linyanti => arrival 13 September
    Ihaha => arrival 14 September
    Kasane => arrival 15 September

    We are driving with a 4x4 Toyota Land Cruiser S/W 70.

    - How much diesel do we need to stock in Maun for this trip through moremi/chobe (also included extra km for game driving, etc.)?
    We are thinking about a total of160-200 liter?
    - How much water we would need for 2 adults?
    - I have read on the forum that there where some problems with flooded roads, etc. but what are the road conditions these days?
    - Additional advice is always appreciated

    Kind regards,
    Cor & Winifred

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    Default Botswana

    The fuel you are thinking about is more than enough - we have just done a similar trip excluding Linyanti and had 115l in the tanks to start and arrived in Kasane with fuel to spare.

    Water - there is water on tap at most of the places you are going to. We drink whatever is available. It is no problem. Otherwise take drinking water for the two of you - whatever you think you may need.

    Water crossings - there will be a few crossings on your route. Should be no problem in the vehicle you are driving - just make sure you walk through all crossings first to find the shallowest path. Also ask at all the gates as to what the latest situation is.

    Enjoy - the place is spectacular at the moment. The Savuti channel is runing for the first time in 30 years. Feel privileged to see that.

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    Hi there, just back from a 16 day trip through Bots and will post our trip report as soon as i have gone through the 4100 foto's we took. I can say this, if you have space for extra fuel Take it! Don't get there and say damm we can't drive too much or you have to drive carefull to try save fuel, you want to see every spot and place, these trips dont happen every day. You have a very capable vehicle and should not have any trouble!

    Take enough to drink but if you run out, no problem, we bought extra water bottles at Southgate and at Northgate/Kwai.

    The best way to know how the roads are is to ask one of the MANY safari companies or self drivers on the road or if you are lucky some of the personel at the gates will take the effort in talking to you!

    I can also add by saying don't stress in Botswana, everything just has a way of working out some way or the other!!

    Cheers & Enjoy!

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    I can support what has been said above but on the water issue one comment:
    There is water in most places you are going, but beware, this is NOT drinking water for Europeans, it comes straight from the rivers and is pumped into the tanks without treatment. It is however good for showers and dish-washing, hence you only need to carry drinking water.
    There are 5 liter plastic bottles available in most of the supermarkets in supply centres (if not sold out to other tourists ).
    Take plenty, it will already be hot during the day, so maybe 2-3 liters per person per day should, do - of course you can substitute it with beer or SA wines ... up to you.
    Enjoy and let us know how it went - highlights and pic's - please.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalahari Safari View Post
    I can support what has been said above but on the water issue one comment:
    There is water in most places you are going, but beware, this is NOT drinking water for Europeans, it comes straight from the rivers
    Good point - the water is fine if you purify it, but it is not OK for drinking straight from the river unless your system is used to it. The same applies to brushing teeth, and also be careful with ice - check the source of the water used to make it. I have a pretty tough African constitution, and got bad amoebic dyssentery from drinking unpurified Zambezi water drawn from well above Livingstone and Vic Falls.

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