Tyre wear on Echo 2

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    Default Tyre wear on Echo 2

    I recently replaced the two 6 year old Conti Trac tyres on our Echo 2. The estimated distance travelled was between 50 000 - 65 000 km including all types of off road terrain but obviously the bulk of the distance was on tar.

    Initially tyre pressure was kept at 1.8 bar for normal conditions (I thought it should work because a trailer is lighter than a 4x4). Due to eccesive tyre wear on the outsides I realised after about 3 years that it was too low and increased pressure to 2-2.2 bar. This is an expensive lesson learned and on the new tyres (Bridgestones) pressure will be kept at a minimum of 2 bar from the start.

    Interestingly, the inside wear on both tyres is significantly higher than the rest of each tyre (tyres was never switched on the rim or to the other side).

    Why is this?

    Surely it is highly unlikely that the axe can evenly be bend on each end?

    Can it be that the little bit of swaying one have on tar can cause only the inside of each tyre to wear more?

    Can other trailer owners please comment on the tyre pressures they use for normal tar conditions? (the total weight of our trailer is never more than 750 kg since all water, fuel, food, drinks & fridges are in & on the Hilux).

    Willem Grobler
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    I am not sure on the tyre pressures, since I only had my trailer for a short time now.

    If I understand you correctly, you say that both tyres are worn on the inside. I remember when I was a kid we went camping with my uncle regularly. On one trip to Sodwana we hit a pothole rather hard and the axle bent slightly on his Jurgens caravan. He did not realise it immediately but after a couple of months, he had the same problem as what you have just described. Due to the way the axle was bent symmetrically in the middle both wheels ran off similarly.

    I do not know if any wheel alignment places will be willing or able to check it for you. Maybe speak to Van Zylís Spring Works in PTA CBD.

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    I started off with 2 bar, then 2,2, but the tyres were still running a bit too hot for my liking. Just this weekend I run them at 2,5 and they are now running nice and cool. They have only done some 10 000km, so no indication of wear at this time.

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    If both tyres are worn on the inside, it is not pressure related, but alignment.

    You can check it yourself, or have it checked by a wheel alignment centre.

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    Default Tyre wear

    I agree with 4e, that this is an alignment problem. Tyre pressure will show either wear on both shoulders of each tyre (pressure too low) or centre wear (pressure too high).

    I run the tyre pressure on my trailer at 2.5 bar and the wear pattern is OK until now. I can't estimate mileage exactly, must be more than 40 000km since buying it in Nov 2001.


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    Check that axle and bearings and run the wheels at 2.5 bar. You will not be able to tell if the axle is bend by looking at it. You need to check it against a straight edge.
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