A few quick Malawi notes: July 2010

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    Default A few quick Malawi notes: July 2010

    <FONT face="Times New Roman"><FONT size=3>A few quick Malawi notes: July 2010:

    We have now spent 4 weeks in Malawi and managed to see a lot of the sights. For full info on our travels, have a look at www.pictureafrica.org which gives a week by week update.

    Malawi has a few secrets not mentioned in guidebooks or the trusty T4A yet, so here goes:

    Malawi Kwacha is king and US$ is not really helpful at all unless you want to pay high exchange rates from hotels and lodges. The annoying thing however is that you can only get about R1 000 out of a cash machine at a time. You can however use your card twice in the same machine. VISA is widely accepted at an 8% charge. Not running out of money in Malawi is quite a challenge.

    All roads are good and the only pot holed one was along the lake shore between Nkhata and Nkhotakota. Be aware that the speed limit is 80km/h, dropping to 50km/h in built up areas. This however is theoretical as the sheer amount of people, children and bicycles will bring your average travelling speed down to 50km/h anyway. Seriously, 300km will take you around 5 to 6 hours to drive despite what your GPS may say.

    We stayed at Mabuya Camp past the golf course. This is not recommended unless you love the sound of drunken backpackers, dirty ablutions, cold showers and getting things added to your bar bill that you did not have. A new place in town is Sanctuary Lodge, run by Land and Lake Safaris (Google them) and although twice the price ($10pppn) for camping, it would be my first choice. It’s not on T4A, but is at about S13 58.028 E33 47.244. Because of other reviews we did not bother to go to the Gold Course.

    Food shopping:
    Avoid Foodworths if you have a heart condition. The prices are insanely high! About 30% higher than Woolworths at home. Shoprite is the other one which is really expensive!!! The price of wine seems to be controlled, so you can expect to pay the same in any shop you go into. For meat, try the Metro. They had excellent meat at reasonable prices. For vegetables, the big market in area 2 has safe, paid parking and we managed a week’s worth of veggies and fruit for four people for around R50. Shop only from the stalls who display their prices to ensure you do not pay skin tax.
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    Keep it coming. I am following you closely on your Blog. Good reading, wonderful information.
    Gavin Pike

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    Go Dawie !!!

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