4x4 trail near Springbok

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    Question 4x4 trail near Springbok

    hi all

    I'm planning to do a flower trip in August (will be our first one taking the hobbits with), and while looking around for accommodation and possible locations and roads to visit, came across a 4x4 trail in T4A near Springbok: the Buffelsrivier 4wd trail.The trail seems to be made up of 2 parts, with different sources calling it different names.
    The first half starts in the Namaqua National Park at the Wildeperdehoek Pass and ends to the North at the R355 in the Spektakel Pass.This part is called the Buffelsrivier 4wd trail and/or the Biesie(s)berg 4wd trail.The second half starts immediately and the end of the first and heads East to end at Nababeep.This half is called the Upper Buffelsrivier 4wd trail and/or Grace's Put.
    Has anybody done this route before?
    What is the condition of the road; sandy, rocky?
    How difficult is the trail?
    Is it worthwhile to include in a flower "route"?

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    Hi, I drove that trail just before the Easter Weekend and found it very interesting and enjoyable. We started at around 14:30 in the afternoon which was far too late. Should have started at arpound 10:00 from the Hondeklip Bay side and then over-nighted in the river where you describe the first half ending. Then you can tackle the second half refreshed and with a full day ahead of you.
    The degree of difficulty is 3 for the first half and 3-4 for the second as diff-lockers are advised.
    The first half ends with a long steep rutted descent down into the Buffelsrivier.
    The second half commences with a monster climb up the pipetrack, which is steep and rutted in places with the odd tight turn.
    It is beautiful and great fun, so do it.
    I'm told that as you descend into Nababeep in spring the whole landscape is a carpet of flowers.
    Send us a trip report!

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