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    Default Mozam Traffic Police

    Am planning to drive Joburg to Vilanculos next week. Just read an article as below.................

    During our time there, I was “caught” twice for “speeding” - allegedly going 70 in 60 zones, once just north of Marracuene and once just south of Massinga. Both times I had my cruise control set at 60km/h.

    Both times it was obvious from the start that the traffic police were out to get money.

    On the way back (19 - 20 June) I expected to get “caught” again, but all traffic police were on the north going side of the road. They stopped many South African vehicles - obviously on holiday – and, in my opinion, knowing that those on their way to holiday probably:
    · Have money with them.
    · Are in a hurry to get there.
    · Are not very familiar with their tactics.

    Thing is, does anyone have any ideas on how to deal with this heavy handing? Last year I saw a single sheet printout written in Portuguese and English, basically telling the police that they would be reported for fraud etc.
    Dont know this this works, but any ideas will be useful.

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    where did you find this article??

    We are planning a trip in august and would like to gather as much info as possible...

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    In Dec 2009 me and my girlfriend left for Morungulu for a 2 week holiday from JHB. We drove a fully packed DC. We decided to drive at nightime in order to get to the boder when it's quiet. We hit the border at 12:15am and went through swiftly. Road was quiet and I stuck to the speed limit at all times. We were stopped no less than 3 times through Maputo as we were almost the only car on the road and oviously from our plates from GP!

    Now get this - at the first stopped the traffic officer asked me for my lisence wich I handed to him(mistake!!!). He noticed that my girlfriend was sleeping in the passanger seat(seatbelt was on). This is understandable coz it was like 2am! He wanted to fine me 3000mets because apparently no passangers are allowed to sleep while in the car! I mean...this is blantant victimisation if I've ever seen it! I kept my cool as he had my drivers license. I questioned his rationale and said he is pulling the piss out of he. He refused to give me back my license and demande we go to the nearest police station on which I got fairly aggresive. A collegue which I assumed was his superior approached us and told me I have to pay up. I refused and threated to contact the SA consulate from there. After lengthy discussions and 3 cans of coldrinks they gave me back my license so we could go.

    Second stop - Same story...this time tho I only showed him my license and didn't hand it to him. He noted that we had out luggage on the back seat of the car. Now all of the sudden you aren't allowed to have suitcases on the back seat.It needs to be on the back of the bakkie(which was already fully packed with a clearly bulging tauny cover)! Fine for infringement = 4000mets! I refused and was close to just driving off! Another nice talk about ripping off tourists from SA that are in there support to the country uplifting it he let us go with another 2 cans of coldrink.

    Was stopped another 2 times without any ridiculous incidents.

    This whole affair set us back almost 2 hours through a 'dead' Maputo at 2am. I think it's a disgrace to Moz and needs to be adressed somehow.

    My tip to driving through MOZ - have extra cans of cooldrink available esp when driving in daytime. And some sweets....and obviously, keep your cool. They are in the authority position.

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    Whatever you do, DO NOT HAND THE POLICE YOUR PASSPORT/DRIVERS LICENSE/ID ... Once the corrupt one has any of those documents in his hands, you're pretty much in his pocket!

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    Some reading for you wannabe MOZ travellers.

    One of my customers in Mozambique recently, told me that it is now as bad as in SA, even the locals are being harrassed (ok they are not born in MOZ.....HINT HINT)but have business's there and been there for many years, they were on their way to do some fishing and were held next to the road for 4 hours about all kinds of stupid things, this was just after the recent rape and robbery of the tourists.

    THE ONLY TACTIC they use IS INTIMIDATION, if you show no fear, keep yur cool, you wil get away, even if it takes all day.

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