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    So yesterday we headed out to De Wildt to see what my new tjor can do. In the group we had two new shape Hilux bakkies (one D4D, one V6) and a Subaru Forrester - the old station wagon type nogal! There was also a large brannewyn brigade with anything from a Hyundai Tucson to a heavily modded LR Defender 110.

    Compared to my previous 4x4's (both Mitsu's with solid rear axles) the Gen 3 tends to "roll" quicker and more violently in cross axle situations as a result of the limited rear articulation. Once I almost got in trouble as it rocked over much sooner than expected and I almost clipped the side of a donga. However, this was nowhere near as much of a drawback as I expected - as long as I anticipated the need and engaged the MK (moffieknoppie, i.e. rear diff lock) in good time the Paj went just about everywhere I expected it to. Even up the first serious obstacle (a badly rutted gravel hill), where the Landy with suspension worth more than my whole car had to take several stabs (admittedly without rear diff lock). To proove a point I also went up several tricky obstacles without rear difflock, putting to good use the experience I gained with my Gen 1 which had no difflock Think it through, choose your line carefully, a little more momentum than you'd use otherwise and there you go ....

    I'd say the Paj outperformed the Hiluxes in most tricky situations. Climbing "Gert se klip" was almost a non-event, as the pliable suspension ironed out the rocks, and the strong torque from as low as 500RPM (I guess) hauled the big car up the rock face with the minimum of drama. The diesel Hilux seemed to struggled a bit here (petrol version was just fine). On tight breakovers the bakkies got "hung up" and bent their ex-Excaliburs, while the Paj just cruised over. A very good looking Jeep Sahara also beached at the crest, and the only car that did this better was a Fortuna with trick suspension. Rock crawling was great, and for once I prefered my manual transmission over my old Colt's auto box. I felt low range could have been a bit lower still, probably a side effect or the slightly larger tyres I have on compared to standard. The little bit of sand on the trail was no real test, but no reason to fear any shortcomming there. Ground clearance was plenty enough, with only a few minor touches along the way.

    All things considered I have to say I am massively impressed with my "new" car - very capable and extremely comfortable off road - heated seats are heavenly when the outside temp is a measily 7 degrees Can't to take my next walk on the wild side .....
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