Recent North Gate to Savuti experience anyone?

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    Default Recent North Gate to Savuti experience anyone?

    Dear fellow 4x4 enthusiasts,

    Has anyone traveled lately between North Gate and Savuti? There is a lot of talk about high water levels, and I would appreciate to hear from anyone who has been there recently and can offer first-hand advice. Which route to take, what to expect, etc.?

    I will do this stretch on July 16. If there is anyone out there who would like to join and team up with my family (and help each other if the need arises), please send me a private message.


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    The track will be bone dry in July if you follow the new road out of Khwai to Mababe gate (bush highway).
    From there it's the sand ridge road which is dry already and nowhere near water.
    Only part critical would be along the Khwai river to Maghoto and further to Mababe as the Khwai water level is still rising.
    Savuti has a safe crossing at the camp site entrance and certain tracks in the marsh area downriver Savuti Channel are flooding but all others okay.
    My assessment last of week.
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