Fuel now available in Marrupa

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    Default Fuel now available in Marrupa

    Hi all,

    I posted this under the Roads in Northern Moz thread, but am reposting here as this makes a huge difference to travelling from Lichinga to Pemba, and also for doing the Niassa Game Reserve, as there is now fuel available at the 330km mark on the 500km stretch between Lichinga and Montepuez. This info came in this morning:

    Hi Tony,

    The reserve is unusually green for this time of the year, but all roads are passable from what I'm hearing. The Marrupa "Petromoc" is open and both Petrol & Diesel (35MT/lt) was available when we passed earlier in the month. One bridge was washed away on the Lichinga to Marrupa road, but has a decent bypass in place. You may encounter problems with grass seed on some western sections inside the reserve.

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    Thanks for the update Tony, that will definitely help anyone wanting to explore a little more of Niassa!

    Thanks to:
    M&P Fabworx
    Zone Offroad

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