I have one!

" Tata has bolstered its local bakkie range with common-rail turbodiesel power.

When the Xenon was launched locally more than a year ago, it looked quite contemporary. The 3l turbodiesel engine powering it was hardly class competitive in terms of power output though.

To remedy this, the Xenon bakkie range, available in either single- or double-cab and with two- or all-wheel drive torque distribution, now finally boasts an engine of competitive output.

Featuring plenty of quality Bosch bits made under license by Tata, the new DICOR engine makes good power. Unfortunately the 65l Xenon tank range is still a bit truncated for local distances.

Smaller, but better, engine

Although hardly chunky in terms of displacement, the 2.2l DICOR engine does feature common-rail diesel fuel delivery and turbocharging to churn out respectable outputs - despite being 800cc smaller than the engine Xenon debuted with last year.

Peak power factors to 104kW at an engine speed of 4 000r/min, with 320Nm of torque
available from 1 700-2 700r/min.

*All four Xenon 2.2l DLE models drive through a five-speed transmission, with the 4x4 variants featuring shift-on-the-fly high-range actuation capability.

With regards to the 4x4 models, the lack of a lockable rear differential (the Xenon makes do with only slippy diff rear mechanics) does put the 2.2l DLEs at a disadvantage to other local 4x4 bakkie offerings in severely broken terrain.

Towing the line

From a workhorse perspective these new Xenon 2.2l DLEs sport impressive credentials.

Tata's newest bakkies are able to tow 2t across the range (in both double and single-cab form), whilst even the double-cab models carry a 1t payload.

Considering the Xenon 2.2DLE range’s loadability Tata had the foresight to equip all four models with ABS brake hydraulics featuring electronic brakeforce distribution by Bosch.

Beyond the ABS brakes the specification distinction between the workhorse single- and leisure application double-cab models is quite distinct.

Workhorse or leisure spec

In a single cab you do without power-steering, air-conditioning or alloy wheels – all standard features on the double-cab Xenon 2.2l DLEs.

All models are equipped with a CD/MP3 player featuring an USB port too, which means you can travel to the tunes of your favourite music played directly from a memory stick. Airbags across the range though, are conspicuous by their absence.

There’re hardly the most powerful bakkies in class (in 2.2l DLE trim they’ve finally broached the 100kW/300Nm threshold though), but then again, the pricing remains hugely competitive. "