40th anniversary of the Jimny

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    Default 40th anniversary of the Jimny

    Suzuki Motor Corporation is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Jimny.

    The Jimny (originally named the LJ10 in overseas markets) was launched in 1970 as an affordable but fully capable compact 4x4 vehicle. It has carved out a unique market position thanks to versatility that enables it to handle everything from leisure applications to being a awesomely capable workhorse with a giant killing reputation.

    Over the years, the Jimny has evolved to meet the changing needs of customers while remaining true to a fundamental concept of compactness, lightness, user-friendliness, and full-fledged 4x4 capability. From LJ to SJ to Samurai and Jimny, there truly is nothing like it.

    With devoted users in 188 countries and regions around the world, the Jimny is a distinctive example of Suzuki’s compact-car expertise.

    As a valued Suzuki customer and someone who truly lives the Suzuki “Way of Life!” philosophy by actively sharing your experiences and knowledge with the other members of the 4x4 community, Suzuki Auto South Africa would love to share your stories with the Global Suzuki Community.

    Suzuki Motor Corporation, Japan, is creating a special site celebrating the unique character of the Jimny and the many awesome stories Jimny owners have to share. In conjunction with this Suzuki Auto South Africa will create a local site to share your stories.

    Tell us about your Suzuki’s history, Suzi’s nickname and accessories you have fitted. Places only your Suzuki could take you, vehicles you have recovered and bigger 4x4’s you have embarrassed.

    Please send your story, images and video (remember the captions) to [email protected]

    You stand a chance to win your part of R3000 worth of Suzuki merchandise for any story received on or before Friday 30 April 2010!

    Feel free to distribute this to fellow members of the “Way of Life!” community who you feel has a great story to share.

    Please note that this plan is based on the goodwill of those who supply information and who agree to the following conditions:
    ·Any information provided may appear on the websites of Global Suzuki and Suzuki Auto South Africa or can be used in the bi-annual communication magazine “Suzuki Family” or Jimny promotional video
    ·No royalties will be payable to any individual or company

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    Some nice stories recieved.

    Please keep them coming.


    Suzuki Auto

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